FOX Sports, MLB Network, NFL Network, and NBC are just a few of the companies that have depended on Filmwerks’ custom-built studios and stages. Our quality equipment comes in several dimensions and can be customized to your specific event. From load in through load out, our well-trained and qualified technicians will ensure your event runs smoothly. Are you considering a structure for your next event? Contact us today!

On-Field Sideline Sets

An on-field broadcast presents many challenges that Filmwerks has mastered. The use of a hydraulic system creates a game-changing option for any televised event. The roof of each one of our on-field sideline sets can fully collapse to 6 feet, which does not interfere with ticket sales for the fans in the front row of any stadium or field. This technology will ensure a quick set-up and strike in any sporting environment.

Mobile Stages

Our mobile stages are offered in two different packages: concert and television. Filmwerks has retrofitted the original design of an SL100 and SL250 so that it can be used by anyone in the entertainment business looking for a fast and easy set up with clear site lines.

Design + Fabrication

The Filmwerks internal fabrication team designs and builds custom elements for full set integration. We now offer scenic set design and can make your vision come to life with our experienced designers and welders.

Marketing Activations

Creating an atmosphere for consumers to promote your product or service can leave a lasting impression. Filmwerks can create an experience for your targeted market at tradeshows, sporting events, and in your brick and mortar location.


Have you ever seen a stage operated by a remote control? Filmwerks has created this for your next event. Fully automated sets are perfect for baseball and football stadiums. The automation allows for a seamless on and off-field set up or tear down. This technology can also reduce the amount of labor needed onsite to operate the set.

Open Structures

An open structure allows for the fans on-site and at home to experience the event. From a multi-story structure to a single level structure on a steep incline, Filmwerks has the job covered. Although the structure is open to elements, there are options to add in HVAC to cool or heat the area for crew and talent.

Enclosed Structures

An enclosed structure protects the crew and talent from the elements in your desired location. Filmwerks has a sliding glass system that allows a structure to go from enclosed to open in a snap. Clients are able to take advantage of a noise-restricted, climate-controlled studio just about anywhere in the world, at any time of year.

Custom Graphics

Filmwerks custom designs and creates all types of graphics, including acrylic and handrail signage, skins for roofs and columns, foam-core signage, and many other printed or branded items. Filmwerks can also help your build blend into its surroundings using specialty printed materials!