Whether you need a single light tower or lighting for a large outdoor event, we have the experience and equipment to meet all of your lighting needs. Need a unique lighting setup? Our engineers have developed a large variety of clamps and can fabricate custom pieces required to clamp our lights to almost anything. Our lighting equipment includes:

Emergency Service Lighting

Unique and efficient disaster relief, police, and firefighter lighting systems are available. Our spherical lights can light large areas in a short amount of time. Can be set up in a matter of seconds with little to no training. It is important for rescue teams to be able to supply powerful lights that do not consume ample amounts of energy. Please contact us with any inquiries!

Tower Lighting

Our towers are subjected to strict quality control inspections to make sure they meet operational and safety standards. We can supply daylight quality lighting for your show or event. Available up to 150 feet tall.

Spherical Lighting

Our 360° fabric soft lights can replace your typical light tower. They offer a wide variety of lighting options and configurations.The frame is made from solid milled aluminum, welded connections, spring steel, and lexan. No cast parts or tools needed for speedy setup. Mount on stands or clamp to bridges or truss. Smaller size can be mounted to heavy equipment and run off a vehicle battery. Umbrella balls do not blow around or lose inflation like balloon lights. Covers available in any color, black one side, or black on top with silver reflector inside. Light up large areas with soft glare-free lighting. Made 100% in the USA.

LED Lights

For more information about our weatherproof LED panel lights visit!